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Version 0.5.0

5 Martians make it to Mars... One of them is sick. Can you colonize Mars with a plague going around?

It's completely up to you to choose how to colonize Mars. You can mine all of the ores and become an expert merchant or you could build many rooms and have thousands of residents. If you want, you can blow everything up, including Martians!

Developer's Edition

The Developer Console is now open to everyone! (Open with "/")

Here's a few cool commands:

/tnt - spawns live TNT at the cursor.

/reset_money - removes ALL cash.

/diamond_studded - creates a patch of diamond ore at the cursor.

/execution - spawns a Martian with TNT near it.

/firework - spawns a random sized and colored firework


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Lots of Martians 103 MB