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To escape reality you take a drug that makes your dreams surreal. But be careful, there's a dark secret lurking in your mind.

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I have created a new server specifically for the development of the game. If you are interested in my progress feel free to stop by!



Pre-order Now$4.99 USD or more

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Pink-haired protagonist, Celeste-like gameplay and original character physics? Now this is an original game. Just recently downloaded the demo and this really surpassed my expectations. The transition is so satisfying as well, like the game is beckoning you to continue. Wonder what more we can expect.


I’ve been into platformer games since I was a kid and this takes it straight from the book. The setting, character physics, and overall gameplay are monumentally stunning. I wanna get my hands on a copy so badly now, keep up the good work.


I took a look at this gameplay once and I was already at a loss for words. The pixelated graphics looks so crisp and the main character gives me that Celeste type of vibe. Can’t wait to get myself a copy.


Great game, the graphics look so smooth and the main character seems to really pop in color. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

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amazing game. You can tell there was a ton of time put into this. And the physics Are just perfect. I cannot wait to play this game. A great story to it too and a lot of great characters so far 


Game looks beautiful! Heavy Celeste vibes in the best way possible.


It looks good. I might wait until release to try it, but It looked worth the pre-order in the meantime.